Engagement Session Info & Tips 

An engagement session is a great time for us to get to know each other. Which I think is pretty important! The more time we get to spend with each other the more comfortable you will feel expressing yourselves as a couple in front of my camera. 


This is a session about YOU, and your love story. Be relaxed and just be yourselves. Have fun! Don't think of it as a photo session. Think of it as just any other normal day of the two of you hanging out, doing what you love to do the most. Here are a few tips that can help you to prepare for our time together. 

What to bring
The first thing you need to bring is some excitement! Understand that this is a time to express your love for each other. I don’t expect my couples to know how to model or how to smile or even how to engage the camera. All that is pretty easy and I will help guide you through our session. Come ready and excited so we can create some amazing images!


Bring something trendy, fun, comfortable and you. If you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes, you won’t look comfortable in them. Bring clothes you feel GREAT wearing, because if you feel great you will look GREAT. So be happy, be trendy, be dressy, but most importantly be YOU. I always suggest having a second change of outfit to mix it up a bit. Some ideas for the second outfit could be more of a formal look, like a cocktail dress or evening gown.  Suit, vest, sports jacket or whatever your version of “dressy” is for the guys. Remember the accessories for looks- jewelry, scarves, hats, vests, or anything to tie the outfits together nicely.  If you need further help with outfit ideas and colors, click HERE to get some inspiration! 

You only get to do engagement photos once, so if you are doing makeup yourself or having a makeup artist, make sure to plan enough time to make it perfect. Bring any Touch ups/ makeup along to make any quick adjustments if needed.

Day Of
Please make sure to arrive on time to your session. I am a natural light photographer, arriving late will shorten our time together. We will probably want to leave your purse or any bags in the car. I can carry your car keys, cell phone, lip gloss, or other such things in my camera bag during the session. That leaves you free to focus on each other. Go to the restroom right before you leave. A lot of the places we shoot might not have easily accessible restrooms, and it could end up using a lot of your session time finding one. Also please bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes! Depending on our location we could be walking to different spots during our session.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Excited for your engagement session! 

If we haven't already chosen a location for our session and you would like some ideas, please fill out the form below so we can get started! :) Looking forward to planning with you! 

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What day would work best for you both to schedule the session?
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